PAB SE AVP are exclusive anti-vibration platform, made from birch plywood, 1.5″ thick, or thin conifer plywood, glued with MDF. Those are designed for heavy equipment. Similar to the newest basic platforms the sleeves are placed in such a way, that full metal feet or bearing feet can be used. In contrast to the basic platforms, their tensioners are recessed in milled places in the plinth and covered with metal angles (in the newest version of those platforms the tensioners are inverted and mounted below the plinth, so that they do not need to be covered by the metal angles, which made it difficult to keep the platform clean, but have only small caps to cover the milled holes). We manufacture three kinds of SE platforms:

  • traditional: a) small − with the size of the basic platforms; b) large − the shelf has 21.7 x 17.7″, while the plinth − 25.2 x 17.7″; c) very large − the shelf has 23.6 x 21.7″, while the plinth − 27.2 x 21.7″
  • HAT − SE platforms with massive plywood lid. Recently, at the request of our distributor in the UK, we have built PAB SE HAT with “hat” in which components can be mounted iconic turntable LENCO − L 75. This project was inspired DIY Peter Reinders solutions. On request we can do PAB suspended plinth also for other turntables, eg. 301 and 401 Gerrard
  • PAB SE 5 – solid platform for a new generation, prepared for the 5th Anniversary Pro Audio Bono. They have no metal sleeves, and the suspension mechanisms and height adjustment of the support shelves are mounted in the grooves. In this platform uses ceramic bearings in the mechanisms of the suspension cables and anti-vibration feet, on which she stands. All parts of the platform are provided on the CNC, so they are very precise with which also bind to the excellent properties of the vibration. 

The small SE platform weighs 24.3 lb, the large one − 30.9 lb, and the very large one − 39.7 lb. The small and large platform has the load of 123.5 lb, the very large − 136.7 lb, but HAT and PAB SE 5 − 150 lb.

The SE platforms shape a very accurate and spacious sound, with a deep, contoured bass, clear midrange and sparkling treble. Their specific tonal properties come from the 2-6 times higher mass of the shelf and plinth than in the basic platforms. This is the reason, that we recommend using them mainly for turntables, pre-amplifiers and tube amplifiers.

On demand of the clients the SE platforms (similar to other PAB platforms made from plywood) can have bare edges of the shelves and plinths. Due to that they look very original and audiophile, but most of all, they sound more dynamic than platforms with the edges veneered.