The catalog of anti-vibration furniture and accessories of Pro Audio Bono® comprises four categories of products:

The official Pro Audio Bono products names:

  • PAB basic AVP (AVP − anti-vibration platform)  standard anti-vibration platform made from plywood or MDF
  • PAB acrylic AVP  anti-vibration platform made from acrylic
  • PAB SE AVP (SE − special edition)  special anti-vibration platform made from thick plywood (or from plywood-MDF combination) to support big and heavy electronic devices
  • PAB reference AVP  the basic platform in a massive plywood enclosure supported on PAB anti-vibration feet
  • PAB support shelf  a shelf made from plywood, MDF or acrylic supported on PAB anti-vibration feet 
  • PAB AVSS table (AVSS − anti-vibration suspension shelves)  anti-vibration table (racks) with suspension shelves
  • PAB AVD (AVD − anti-vibration dock)  universal anti-vibration rack, designed to house PAB anti-vibration platforms or placing the electronic devices directly
  • PAB stand  wood-plywood combination anti-vibration stand for stand mount speakers
  • PAB bearing AVF (AVF − anti-vibration foot)  anti-vibration foot with a roll bearings
  • PAB ceramic ball AVF  anti-vibration foot with a roll bearings and ceramic balls
  • PAB AVMF (AVMF − anti-vibration metal foot)  universal, full (solid) metal anti-vibration foot
  • PAB IML (IML − isolation metal lid) − universal isolation and protect lid (basis) for the electronic devices