Anti-vibration feet on rolling bearings are composed of several appropriately shaped metal or polymer details that enable the installation of self-aligning rolling bearings. They are distinguished by their functional shapes and are unobtrusive, but they significantly improve sound reproduction and the dynamics of the message. They can replace spikes in tables, platforms, stands and floor columns, or be placed directly under electronic devices.PAB bearing feet can also be used instead of solid metal feet in PAB anti-vibration platforms and in stands from other manufacturers.

The housings of the feet on rolling bearings are made of stainless steel or polymers (mainly PEEK). We install very precise ceramic rolling bearings, and for very heavy devices – hybrid (steel-ceramic) bearings. Most often, these feet have a diameter of 60-70 mm and a height (with counter) of 42-48 mm. The load capacity of 1 foot is from 15 to 36 kg. This means that devices with a total weight of 60-144 kg can be placed on 4 PAB feet without impairing their anti-vibration properties.

The latest products of our company are PAB Ceramic 7060 SN − massive feet made of AISI 316 L stainless steel, with self-aligning ball bearings with silicon nitride and polymer foot – PAB PEEK 7060 SN – see review in High Fidelity.

At the customer’s request, we can also insert PEEK bearings into steel housings. Our tests prove that such modification leads to improved naturalness and spaciousness of the sound.