Retail terms and conditions

Pro Audio Bono (PAB) sells all products found in the products tab. In addition we realize individual orders of all kinds, regarding materials used for the construction of our products, sizes and technical parameters (load capacity, spacing of shelves) of the platforms, tables, stands and anti-vibration feet as well as the finish, colours etc. Customers wanting to order non-standard products are requested to contact their local dealer, or us directly by phone or email, to discuss the details of the order.

Anti-vibration furniture and accessories of Pro Audio Bono are also available in selected audio salons. We have also mail order sales. All products can be ordered in any way, by using the contacts in the appropriate tab. Please bear in mind, that for mail-order sales special rules apply, and it is regulated by appropriate laws. The rules are:

  • the seller (Pro Audio Bono) sends the product to the customer after payment of the whole price is accounted on the account stated in the Contact us;
  • the product sent to the customer will be new and fully functional;
  • the product sent to the customer will be free of hidden flaws;
  • the cost of the shipment and insurance will be covered by the seller;
  • the customer has 14 days (from the day of receipt of the product) to evaluate the product;
  • within 14 days the customer may decide not to buy the product, without the need of stating the reason for that;
  • if the customer wants not to buy the product, then he returns the product to the seller in the same state as received, on own costs;
  • the returned product is evaluated by the seller for damage. If undamaged the seller will return the paid amount to the buyer’s bank account;
  • the return of the payment is equal to termination of the sales agreement.