We started to manufacture anti-vibration feet together with the anti-vibration tables. During testing it turned out, that those tables have much better anti-vibration effectiveness when placed on massive metal feet. Initially we offered only full metal feet, later we started to manufacture also bearing feet. Now we offer two kinds of bearing feet:

  • feet based on roll bearings;
  • feet based on roll bearings and ceramic balls.

Both kinds of feet are original constructions of Pro Audio Bono® and received a patent in the Polish Patent Office (P.223047).

In time the offering of full (solid) metal feet and roll bearing feet grew. We started to use them also for the PAB anti-vibration platforms, PAB stands and for speakers and stands offered by other companies. It turned out (some information about the anti-vibration effectiveness were provided to us by our clients), that those feet are very effective with different kinds of stereo and home cinema systems, so they are very universal. This is a result of their construction (the way the bearing and ceramic balls are applied), which damps best horizontal vibration, the kind of vibration generated in each listening room by the speakers owned by the audiophiles. Those vibrations, after the sound bounces off walls and furniture many times, return to our transducers from all directions, in a radial way. So placing the devices and speakers on feet with bearings placed horizontally is the best way of minimizing or eliminating them.