World Audio Show 2012 

United Kingdom, 24-25 March 2012
Organizer of World Audio Show: Chester Group Exhibitions

Audio World 2012 Show by Alan Sircom − Hi-fi+ issue 89, June 2012, page 18

[…] But perhaps the most interesting product at the show was the £3,300 per pair Bodnar Audio Soundglass Fantasy laudspeakers from Poland. With the equipment on the Polish PAB Anti-Vibration rack, through an N-Audio DAC and tube amp (also from Poland) and playing from an old Linn CD player, this made some exceptionally fine sounds without breaking the bank. Expect to hear more from these names.[…]



Video − PAB anti-vibration platforms Source: Fidelity Art



European Music Fairs “Cojestgrane”

Warsaw, 23-25 November 2012 [Source:]

[English text based on original from Audiostereo − translation by PAB] …Moving slowly through the crowded exhibitions I’ve manage to find Bodnar Audio exhibition stand, where I found stunning tube shaped Sunglass Piano Edition speakers supported by a small integra solution on 300B. All the electronics where placed on Pro Audio Bono PAB AVSS table together with PAB reference AVP…

… Visitors of such exotic exhibition stand had quite interesting facial expressions but Mr. Paweł from Bodnar Audio and Mr. Władysław from PAB support them with professional description of their equipment. Even that there was no good sound condition environment,  the quality of the sound from the speakers was outstanding. Few of the other exhibitors which promote their music decided to give it a try and play own records on the real Hi-Fi solution…

Text and photos − Marcin Olszewski