PAB IML (IML − isolation metal lid) are covers protecting electronic devices against pets and allowing to place different objects on top of the protected unit. They are made from stainless steel, varnished with powder varnish (the color and type of the varnish can be chosen by the client). On demand we can manufacture those lids from aluminum, copper or brass. We can also cut any kinds of openings, or sequences of openings (including logos and other markings), allowing the heat produced by the device to dissipate. We can make the holes according to projects provided by clients − if supplied in Corel DRAW or CAD formats.

The covers are heavy (the thickest − 0.79”, weight − 26.5-33.1 lb), so in addition to the protective function they also offer good anti-vibration capabilities. The lids are equipped with silicone feet, that keep the distance between the cover and the protected device allowing hot air to escape.

The metal lids are universal. They can also be placed below the devices on the rack, table or shelf to protect the furniture against damage, or − after attaching PAB anti-vibration feet to them, by bolting the feet to threaded holes made in the lids − convert them into aesthetic and effective anti-vibration shelves for very heavy devices (PAB support shelf).