Test of the anti-vibration capabilities of the Pro Audio Bono (PAB) platform

A report of dynamic measurements of the Pro Audio Bono anti-vibration platform

W. Makaruk, A report of dynamic measurements of the Pro Audio Bono anti-vibration platform, DIAGMAK 2011.

Reviews (in chronological order):

1. Review of the PAB basic AVP: Wojciech Pacuła, Everything shakes me, Audio 9/2010.

 Review of the PAB basic AVP

The midrange gets nobler; the nervousness adherent to the Compact Disc format diminishes. … the instruments were less constrained, more natural, what resulted in bigger swing and dynamics – without a trace of sharpness and aggressiveness. An unanimous improvement for probably every system.”

2. Review of the PAB basic AVP: Filip Kulpa, To hang still, Audio-Video 11/2010.

Review of the PAB basic AVP

There was progress in most key aspects of the sound – those, that are responsible for the engagement of the listener and for the fun from listening. I have to describe the improvement in the vividness of the sound – the sound stage in the recordings of Tracy Chapman (“Fast Car”, “Matters of the Heart”) gained differentiation and bigger thickness of the sound planes. The vocal seemed more delicate, melting better with the rest of the mix, which got a third dimension.”

3. Review of the PAB SE anti-vibration platform and PAB AVSS table: Marek Dyba, About audio supports, Hi-Fi Choice (Polish edition) 11/2010.

Marek Dyba, O podstawach audio

” Hearing changes in the sound took us a few discs, and only a few more allowed us to understand, what the changes were. The most important change was the calmness of the sound … we would say, that it sounded as if the diamond would enter deeper in the groove, would follow it more securely. This made the reading of the information on the disc more stable, what resulted in a more precise, more stable sound picture, somewhat better defined contours, planes … etc. Attack was defined better − for example the moment of the cymbal being hit with the drumstick or the contrabass snare being plucked …”

4. Review of the PAB SE AVP: Wojciech Pacuła, Pro Audio Bono anti-vibration platform, High Fidelity No. 80, 12/2010.

Pro Audio Bono anti-vibration platform

The change of the sound after placing the Air player on it is evident. (…) After placing the player on the platform the midrange improves most. It is fuller, more saturated and warmer. But not by changing the tonal balance. (…) in reality the biggest changes are in the reproduction of the treble, now smoother, fuller, deeper and bass − stronger, but also not as edgy, not as “contoured”. I perceived the changes as unanimously positive.”

5. Review of the PAB reference AVP: Filip Kulpa, Big, heavy and effective, Audio-Video 5/2011.

Recenzja platformy antywibracyjnej PAB reference AVP

Instead improving one or two aspects of the presentation we get a sound, that “glues” much better together, is much better finished and definitely more spacious.” (…) the example of PAB reference shows clearly, how important is that, on what the high quality electronic stands. PAB reference AVP placed under only one component (eg. the source) can significantly change the sound of the whole system.”

6. Review of the PAB basic AVP: PR, Soundbites − PAB anti-vibration platform £ 265 upwards, Hi-Fi World, October 2011.

Recenzja platformy antywibracyjnej PAB basic AVP

“Comparing the PAB with my reference Atacama Equinox isolation shelving, the PAB had the edge in terms of clarity and transparency. Replay was a touch smoother while compression frequencies were reduced. This meant that bass exhibited slightly more control and heft via the PAB while vocals apperaed calmer and richer in tone. (…)

7. Review of the PAB acrylic AVP: Wojciech Pacuła, Pro Audio Bono acrylic AVP, High Fidelity No. 92, 12/2011.

Pro Audio Bono acrylic AVP

” (…) it is splendidly crafted, nice looking and influences the sound in an unanimously positive way. Devices placed on it not only look better, but seem also play music better then without it. Much better. Better in all aspects of this word.” (…) This is the reason, that with clear conscience and with full responsibility I award the Pro Audio Bono platform the RED FINGERPRINT.”

8. Review of the PAB basic AVP and PAB reference AVP: Matej Isak, Pro Audio Bono basic and reference anti-vibration platform, Mono&Stereo, 2/2012.

Pro Audio Bono Basic & Reference Anti Vibration Platform

“This is one of the better thought out and manufactured platforms. It shows how many hours went into designing it and there are unmistakable benefits in real life. I cannot say easily and draw such conclusion for many so called audiophile and absorption platforms, that passed my lab.”

9. Review of the PAB bearing AVF: NR, Fidelity Art − PAB Feet, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2012.

Recenzja stopek łożyskowych PAB AVF

“These feet are beautifully made and very sturdy.”
“Brilliantly engineered, this is a top-class product that will enhance the sound quality of a wide variety of audio equipment…”

10. Review of the PAB SE AVP Alu, Enjoy the Music.com®Review Magazine, July 2012.

Recenzja platformy antywibracyjnej PAB SE

“…you need to try out the newest version of the Pro Audio Bono platform; you will be in for a surprise how much your system’s sound can be improved for a comparatively modest price.”

11. Review of the PAB anti-vibration equipment support platforms, Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi +, Issue 90 July/August 2012.

Recenzja PAB Anti-Vibration equipment support platforms

“So, be warned; it’s quite likely that – having heard what one PAB stand can do for your sound – you’ll start thinking about buying more platforms. I speak from bitter experience here; I’m so impressed with what one does, I’m looking at buying two or three more! The standard PAB support shelf … not cheap, but certainly a very worthwhile purchase considering the level of sonic improvement delivered.”

12. Review of the PAB anti-vibration platform, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine, October 2012.

Recenzja PAB Anti-Vibration Platform, Hi-Fi Choice, October 2012

“First impressions were of a very well made unit, as you’d expect with its not inconsiderable pricing…. I did get sub noticeable results with amplifiers, but the effect on a turntable and CD player was huge….Everything sounded cleaner as though the music had been lifted clear from the noise floor.”

13. Review of the PAB SE AVP Alu: Wojciech Pacuła, High Fidelity, 9/2012.

Platforma antywibracyjna Pro Audio Bono PAB SE AP Alu

(…) then you cannot live without a good anti-vibration platform. It has the biggest influence on digital players, including streamers (!), then on preamplifiers and then on power amplifiers and integrated amps – regardless if tube or solid state ones. But its influence is cumulative, meaning the positive aspects of the changes in the individual elements of the sound chain add to each other and accumulate. This is an unanimously good direction and I cannot imagine playing music without good platforms.”

14. ABSOLUTELY PABULOUS − Stand and deliver, James Michael Hughes, Hi-Fi Choice, Issue 365, December 2012, p. 40-41

“Sonically, the PAB platform seems to make the musical presentation more relaxed and ‘effortless’. Clarity and fine detail are significantly improved. In particular, you seem to get much better stereo imagery, with a greater sense of depth placement and positional accuracy.”